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Lotus Notes To SharePoint Migration Using QUEST Migration Tool-1


The purpose of this book is to help you design and migrate the Lotus Notes application to SharePoint 2010/2013, which includes the SharePoint list and document migration. Our goal is to teach you how to create a job and migrate the jobs to the various components of SharePoint Pages, Wiki pages, PDF, Word Document, Main Document Response to response method and discussion board.
Once you apply yourself and become comfortable developing migration jobs with these building blocks, there’s no limit to the types of application migration can create on the SharePoint platform.

Microsoft SharePoint technologies have become increasing widespread and have made it into the majority of IT infrastructures used by companies and organizations around the world.
Today IT people, end us­ers, executives, site administrators, farm administrators, and professional developers choosing SharePoint Technology.

As a software developer, to view SharePoint technologies as a true plat­form for professional developers. The key point is that SharePoint technologies serve as a foundation on top of which you can design and implement business solutions, So Users interested to move to the SharePoint platform from Lotus Notes.
However, getting started to migration can be daunting because there are several different versions of the SharePoint platform, and each version has several different variations.

Migrating your Lotus Notes applications to Microsoft SharePoint2010/2013 is a two-step process.
·         First, you must move the application content.
·         Second Work to migrate over the application design.

You should begin your migration in one of these ways as well for several reasons, including:

·         Correct content migration is regularly considered the most business critical aspect of the migration process. You can always tweak the design of an application later, but if you fail to preserve the legacy content with adequate dependability and fullness, your users may be very unhappy.
·         Some Case there is no need for design migration. You simply migrate the old content into one of the new SharePoint site or list templates.
·         Some cases, you will want to take the time to rethink the application design to take advantage of all the great new features of SharePoint and SharePoint Online.
Migration Process:
Any Lotus Notes application has three major parts to it:

·         User Interfaces Pages or Forms – Lotus Notes Forms, Pages, Navigators, etc..
·         Application Logic – Lotus Notes Scripts/Formulas in Action buttons, Agents etc..
·         Data – Lotus Notes Documents

The above architecture of Lotus Notes and APIs it provides, you can only migrate So,

·         If the application can be mapped to a List Template in SharePoint, you get all the user interface elements and features out of the box from SharePoint. Even if some list/library customization is required in SharePoint, the effort is small.
·         If application needs custom InfoPath form, ASP.NET form, Web Part(s),Event Receiver, Timer Job or Designer  workflows then those elements need to be custom developed and effort might be substantial.
·         So, migration process and effort depends on whether a Lotus Notes application can be mapped to some out of the box or custom template in SharePoint or not.

Lotus Notes artifacts can be re-written to SharePoint equivalent items,

·         Lotus Notes DB = SharePoint Lists
·         Lotus Notes Views = SharePoint List View
·         Forms = SharePoint List Forms / InfoPath Forms
·         Library=SharePoint Document Library
·         Pages=Wiki Pages/PDF
·         Lotus Notes Scripts/Agents = C# code-behind
          For data migration, there are lot of third-party tools available to read it from Lotus Notes DB to SharePoint lists. The most commonly used and efficiently used one is QUEST.  Before doing the data migration, the source data in Lotus Notes DB should be cleansed thoroughly and ensure data consistency to match the target SharePoint list schema, as Lotus Notes DB manage data in well-defined schema.

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