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Why would one use K2 for SharePoint?

Easy to build

Designers and developers can quickly build workflows in SharePoint using K2's drag-and-drop design tools. Wizards help you configure common SharePoint workflow scenarios, and designs can be easily shared, facilitating real-time collaboration with colleagues. Workflows can for example be created for document approvals or even list item publishing. Escalations can be configured per task in workflows. A task can also be send back to a previous step in the workflow as a rework step.

Span SharePoint Environments

With K2, workflows are not restricted to a single SharePoint site. They are designed to work with SharePoint lists and libraries across multiple sites. Workflows can even span across SharePoint versions, including SharePoint Online for cloud-based scenarios.

Access tasks anywhere, anytime

K2's mobile applications and options allow your team to access workflow tasks from their phone or tablet. There they can take action, delegate, check in on process status or find the information they need to make important decisions.

You are in control

K2's custom logic and rules engine gives you the power to build SharePoint workflow applications that fit your business needs precisely. Tracking and monitoring tools provide visibility, and making quick and easy application changes.

Quickly create elegant forms

Build intuitive, easy-to-use forms from within a browser. K2 forms can be automatically generated from SharePoint document libraries and lists then customized, if necessary. Every K2 form is reusable, so you'll save time and ensure consistency.

Use the information you already have

K2 makes it easy to bring line-of-business data into your SharePoint workflows and forms. K2 applications respect the security you have in place and allow the data to remain where it lives. K2 supports Microsoft CRM,, Active Directory, Exchange, SAP, SQL Server, Oracle and anything accessible by web services.

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