Back up content databases in SharePoint 2013

This blog will help you how to backup a single content database in SharePoint 2013.

We have following three methods to  back up a content database
  • SharePoint Central Administration website
  • Windows PowerShell
  • SQL Server tools.

In this blog we will see about powershell method to backup the Content Db’s in SharePoint 2013.

Why backup needed?
Regularly backing up content databases reduces data losses that might occur from hardware failures, power outages, or other problems. It is a simple process and helps make sure that all the data is available for recovery, if that is required.

The backup tool that you use depends on the kind of environment that you have deployed, your backup schedule requires, and service level agreements that you have made with your organization.

Steps to backup your content database:
Windows PowerShell to back up a content database manually ,
  • Start --> SharePoint 2013 Management Shell.
Copy the below script and execute,

Check the current user having following permissions
  • securityadmin  and db_owner fixed server role on the SQL Server instance.

Source: MSDN

Backup-SPFarm -Directory   <BackupFolder>  -BackupMethod {Full | Differential} -Item <ContentDatabaseName> [-Verbose]
Backup-SPFarm -Directory  D:\Backupfolder -BackupMethod {Full | Differential} -Item SP_Search2013 -Verbose
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